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Frequently Asked Questions

Why I didn’t get any reply from you?

I only reply to well written, detailed requests, do not be surprised about not getting a reply if you’ve written ‘Hello, how are you?’ or ‘I want to be your slave Mistress!’

What will my session involve?

They are always fun and enjoyable. My sessions are tailored to both of our likes and are sure to satisfy your needs as a sub/slave. Whilst I like pushing limits, I am careful to ensure no boundaries are broken. I take client safety and aftercare very seriously. You can be sure to be treated with respect at all times.

Can I touch you, Mistress?

Unless given express permission, NO you may not touch me at any time. I will consider that disrespectful and will end the session.

Do you offer sexual services?

Absolutely not, I won’t have sex with you, NO SEXUAL INTERCOURSE!

Can I buy your used stockings, shoes or used underwear?

Yes, e-mail me to arrange this, I usually have several available for purchase at any one time and am happy to add you to the waiting list.

I am worried about privacy

I totally understand this. You can be assured that I will never discuss you, or any details of our time together, with ANYONE. I don’t share client details with other Mistresses, my closest friends, anyone at all.

Do you offer discounts or shorter sessions?

No I don’t my time is precious. My session fees are fixed, and non-negotiable. If you cannot afford my fees, I am sure there are plenty of other Professionals who have fees more suitable for your budget. I will not fight to win you over, as I do not need to compete for clients.

Are deposits refundable?

The deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred to a meeting in the future if you notify me a 24hr prior to the appointment. If I need to cancel our appointment from my side, the deposit will be immediately refunded to you in full if and you cannot or do not wish to set a new date.

What is your date of birth Mistress? I would like to send you a present.

June 22

Can I set up regular payments?

Of course, you can set up a standing order straight from your bank account to mine or you can pay it as a bill regularly through the link » Tribute

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