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Spoil Divine French Goddess


My happiness and comfort are your priority, and I love spending your money and receiving gifts from you.


It is highly recommendable to tribute or spoil your beautiful Mistress with a gift previous to any communication, to gain My attention and secure a quick answer. All gifts, big or small, are appreciated by your Goddess. Please note that if you decide to send me a tribute it’s a minimum 3 digits.

A tribute is a form of showing RESPECT and ADMIRATION to your SUPERIOR, it is not a payment for a session or even my time, anything you get as a result of a tribute is a bonus.
Don’t tribute because you want to get off and disappear, you are not paying me to cum; you’re paying me to add some meaning to your pathetic life. Don’t waste my time!

Tribute is not considered “payment” for my time and is separate from session fee.

First Impressions are very important and the tribute you choose says a lot. As a pet you want to stand out, your goal is to be remembered and favored. After all, in my world a pet has the most fun when his Goddess feels revered and spoiled.


Can’t wait to serve Me? Here’s a list of ways you can begin serving even before you’re approved.


Gifts Idea




Show your affection and appreciation by sending a tribute/donation, fill my account or stay in darkness! 

It is your duty to prove your all-consuming devotion by contributing toward your Mistress

I will appreciate both, the substantial tributes and nice little gifts.

See below different links where you can send your Tribute.


Send a monetary gift

Paypal ask for my address HERE

Send your bitcoins HERE


Or you can also simply send me a gift card form the following list or even adopt one of my bills.


Amazon Wish List


YouGotaGift Happy Card (here you can choose any amount you want minimum 3 digits)




Sexy Glamour lingerie






European size 38







-Pampering your Mistress with gifts will throw a positive light on any future interactions.

-It’s only on your best interest to be caring & generous.

-Make sure to message Me after purchasing any gifts, so I know which one of you may deserve My attention. Gift cards shall be sent to: [email protected]



I am your Goddess and love having my bills adopted, it makes me smile and happy.


Home rental: 7500 AED monthly 

Internet: 300 AED monthly

Utilities (depends on the season): 1500 AED/2000 AED monthly

TV cable: 375 AED monthly

Car loan: 2500 monthly

Gas: 500 AED monthly

Grocery: 3000 AED monthly

Beauty/Wellness: 2000 AED monthly

Clothing: 2500 AED monthly

Gym membership: 500 AED monthly  

Phone: 250 AED

Car insurance: 4000 AED Annually

Health care insurance: 15000 AED Annually 

Flight ticket: 5000 every 3 months

Beauty salon: 2500 monthly 

Massage: 1600 monthly


 If you would like to adopt one of my bills and make me feel great, then contact me  HERE i will reply to you shortly.
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