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What is Financial Domination?



Financial domination is a fetish where the findom (or financial domme) takes your money in tribute.

Financial domination is when submissive men and slaves pay in money or through gifts to a dominant woman. Fetishism is generated by the need to be controlled in all possible ways. Pure financial domination is when a slave is taxed of its own accord without expecting anything in return. Many times, the Domina humiliates her slave while she has tributes.

Many financial slaves pay on a monthly or weekly basis as they buy gifts to their Dominatrix when she demands it or simply when they consider it necessary. Many times a financial slave will take some invoice from his Domina and will pay it each month for Her. Ex: mobile phone, hairdresser, rent, etc.

Financial Domination Pay Pig, Human ATM, Cash Slut, Wallet Rape, you find extreme satisfaction and fulfillment in handing over all your hard earned cash.

Have you fantasized about being My Pay Piggy, Human ATM, Cash Cow, or Money Slave?


Financial Domination is one of the most popular and controversial forms of BDSM currently trending.

I am a financial Femdom, my biggest fetish & turn on is financial domination.

There is absolutely nothing extraordinary for me in having your wallet, your life at my disposal. You give, I take!

Get ready to become completely obsessed with me; I will expect to see you on your knees looking up at your new owner! Once I get in your mind, you won’t be able to STOP THINKING ABOUT ME!

Surrendering to your desires is the only way to fulfill them.

Why should I have to work when I have losers like you to do it for me?

I live the Princess Life while you slave away. You are so lucky to have the chance to pay for my glamorous lifestyle!

I enjoy meticulously controlling your budget, cradling your life in my hands and totally controlling how you live.

Better yet, let Me FUCK your wallet and drain every penny you have! I am cruel, greedy and have no fucking limits. I want it all, and I am never satisfied.

Terms and Rules


Human ATM

An on-demand submissive responsible for providing money to a Dominant at any time.


Cash meet/Cash point meet

A real-time meeting between a submissive and dominant to extract money and/or take shopping in public.


Retweet/RT game

 A social media game where Dominant and sub agree upon a certain amount of time and money. The Dominant then posts it on Twitter and for every retweet and like during the set amount of time, the submissive will pay money (IE: $2 for every RT and $1 for every like). Often a deposit is needed beforehand.



The act of repeatedly taking money from a submissive as opposed to a submissive paying a tribute.



A payment made to the Dominant without the expectation of getting anything in return.


Pay slave

A submissive whose sole purpose is to pay a Findom without expecting anything in return.

Before approaching a Findom, know what Findom means. Do your research, so you know what to expect.

Don’t ever tell a Findom you want to be her slave/sub, but you’re broke. If you aren’t ready to pay, then Findom just isn’t for you.

Before approaching a Findom, be honest with yourself about your commitment level and what you hope to accomplish for Her.

Be honest with your Findom about what She can expect from you.

If something comes up and you can’t tribute as expected, be honest and let your Findom know as soon as possible.

Surprise your Findom with random tributes whenever possible.

Don’t ask “what’s in it for me,” it isn’t about you anymore. Your Findom’s happiness should be your primary concern.

Be kind and respectful, not just to Her, but those around you.

Thank your Findom for whatever She gives you.

Make Her world a better place.

Accept Her superiority and respect Her authority. A Findom knows what She’s doing. Don’t question it or you will be punished.

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