Blackmailing, in the real world, is an absolutely objectionable crime which deserves nothing but severe denunciation, but here in erotic world, blackmail is something completely different. Blackmailing in BDSM shows the erotic dominance and is now a widely preferred activity.

Conventional blackmail can be in many forms like affair admissions, blackmail for illicit financial rewards, which are considered to be criminal activity and certainly not suitable for BDSM blackmail. In BDSM it is not a real threat, they are created and administered well to have the real greatly enhanced erotic experience.

In consensual blackmail, the submissive victim is aware and agrees upon such circumstances which are not a real threat.

So What is BDSM Blackmail?

Erotic blackmail is very common consensual activity between two members where they both agree to the role play, for example, the dominant may have some uncomfortable information about the submissive victim and threatens to release the information for not being obedient and perform the given embarrassing tasks.

There are 3 separate personas in the successful blackmail.

Blackmailer, who will have the information or evidence over their submissive, and will force their submissive to perform the give tasks else the secret information will be published to a specific or general audience.

Victim, who will be in fear of the blackmailer publishing the information.

Unaware 3rd party, which is the identified recipient of the release of blackmail material.

Blackmail is Exciting For A Submissive in BDSM

Any form of BDSM is about informed consent between the dominant and submissive victim. They will decide the extent where they can be pushed. It’s an individual choice.

BDSM blackmail fantasies can effect different people in different way, most of them enjoy the whole host of emotions and excitement, apprehension and fear.

A substantial part of submission is the matter of choice at the point of instruction from a mistress. Some people like being genuinely forced, threatening is mild for them. They prefer the circumstances where decisions are not in their hands. They like to be blackmailed more coercive with a adverse consequence that the victim genuinely fears to enforce compliance.

Refusal is not allowed, and the thought of that pressure is the core of why the blackmail fantasy really works. The pressure on the submissive increases significantly if the mistress has a coercive piece of blackmail material. Then the level of submission is much stronger and they will degrade themselves to prevent the release of the blackmail material.

It’s not all for the submissive either. There is a sense of control that exceeds no other for the mistress who can mischievously make a submissive do almost anything.